Solo Ads Vendor: Alessandro Serra

Solo Ads Vendor Name: Alessandro Serra
Estimated Time:
 5-6 Minutes

Question 1: What kind of offers converts the best with solo ads?

My list is targeted for Make Money Online/Business Opportunity products. Everything related to this niche (now Cryptocurrency offers too) is going to convert with my traffic.

About the frontend price, with something between 7-27$, is possible to get some sales even with small amounts of traffic. At least with my traffic!

Question 2: What is better when it comes to getting conversions? Mixed Clicks, Pure Solos, Tier 1 only Solo Ads or something else?

I produce pure Solo Ads traffic only because I firmly believe that 100% Solo Ads traffic produce the most responsive leads frontend/backend and as a result, more sales.

Alessandro Serra solo adsIt’s indeed more expensive but quality matters. Mixed Clicks or Funnel Clicks could be ok if you have a low budget and you don’t want to use a simple thank you page instead of a sales page.

Tier 1 only would convert the best because your customers will come from United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

A high T1% guaranteed (at least 85%) is very important when it comes to choosing which traffic provider you’re going to go.

Question 3: How are solo ads different from FB Ads? Which is better according to you?

Alessandro Serra solo adsThey’re two completely different things, two completely different marketing techniques.

I’m not into FB Ads because I’m 100% focused on producing the best for my solo ads clients and learning how to use FB Ads effectively is not easy at all…You need to know and master a lot of knowledge or you’re going to waste a lot of money fast.

And if you’re promoting Business Opportunities, MLM, Crypto Offers you really risk to get easily banned due to Facebook strictly rules!

Question 4: What is the #1 solo ad buying hack that you can tell us? (Since most of the readers are going to be buyers of solo ads).

First thing, stay away from sellers who guarantee very high optin rate and sales!! Especially if they charge cheap prices or you will get screwed for sure!!

Feel free to ask me everything you want to know about my service, be polite and I’ll be at your complete disposal during all the process.

Question 5: What is the biggest mistake people make while buying solo ads?

That they presume to get stellar results buying small amounts of traffic like 100-200 clicks solo ads…

Alessandro Serra solo adsMost of the time because they get told by the product vendors that they will make a lot of money just buying few hundred clicks!

This is just hype and it doesn’t work this way…It takes time to build a good, responsive list and this is the main goal using Solo Ads traffic.

If you get a good optin rate conversion and responsive leads but no frontend sales, it’s already a good result and it’s possible now to scale up!

So don’t pretend to promote directly a sales page (and remember always that sales cannot be guaranteed), use a simple, catchy landing page to build a list and make a relationship with your new leads thanks to your follow-up sequence.

And on the landing page, always follow the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) rule and you’re going to get the best optin rate conversions.

Question 6: What are the opt-in and conversion rates can be expected from a solo ad run?

It’s a combo between swipe and landing page

Alessandro Serra solo adsCertain landing can even aim for a 40%-50% optin rate while for others, that maybe have more fields to fulfill and have a lot of content, even a 20% optin rate could be a very good result.

So it depends. And a landing page could be even saturated if it’s in the market for a while!

Anyway with pure Solo Ads traffic: 30%+ optin rate is solid, 40%+ very good and 50% optin rate super results.

Question 7: How should the follow-up sequence be? 1 email per day? Value Driven? Pure Push Marketing Emails? or something else?

1-2 emails per day no more and at least a 7-14 days follow up sequence.

Use the first 2 emails to build a good relationship with your leads: offer value, a free gift even and make them understand you’re a real person and the one they were looking for!

And give them the chance to connect with you via email and especially via social media.

Question 8: What are the top 5 products/services that you just can’t run your business without?

(1) Autoresponder
(2) Clicks Tracking Software (I use Click Magick)
(3) Hosting
(4) Payment Gateways (Do not rely on Paypal only)
(5) Social Media

Question 9: What is your #1 tip for anyone using solo ads to promote their business?

Alessandro Serra solo adsAlways looking for testimonials,”old” and recent ones, before choosing your traffic providers. Someone who has collected more than 850 testimonials like me is reliable for sure.

And as I stated above, stay away from anything that it’s too good to be true.

And last but not least, be sure that you’re going to work with a seller who has a very targeted list of the product you want to promote!

If you have a Health and Care squeeze page and you’re going to show it to an audience interested in Internet Marketing stuff… Money wasted.

Question 10: Where can the readers find you to buy clicks from you?

Thomas Dawson Solo Ads Facebook: Click Here! 
Thomas dawson solo ads Website: Click Here!

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