Solo Ads Vendor: Dennis Yew

Solo Ads Vendor Name: Dennis Yew
Estimated Time:
 6-7 Minutes

Question 1: What kind of offers converts the best with solo ads?dennis yew solo ads

All Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, BizOpp, Work From Home niches are good niches for solo ads. Health and fitness and Personal Development niches are another areas that you may want to tap in.

Why? Because potential customers in these niches want to find the information they want to know and benefit to them. They sign up to other people’s email list because they hope that someone else will do thorough research and find the right information for them. Many of them don’t mind to pay some money to buy the information. That is why solo ads industry is huge.

Question 2: What is better when it comes to getting conversions? Mixed Clicks, Pure Solos, Tier 1 only Solo Ads or something else?

It depends on your budget. In general, I recommend mixed clicks because it is cost-effective, produces good optin rate and usually converts well in follow up emails.

Customers from Tier 1 countries generally convert better as they have higher buying power. However, many English speaking customers from Tier 2 countries convert well too! Don’t forget I am from Tier 2 country and I am still buying these digital products from time to time.

Question 3: How are solo ads different from FB Ads? Which is better according to you?

I will recommend Solo ads, especially for newbies. It is more manageable, faster and the results are more predictable. It is because the subscribers in an email list already indicated their interest in the certain niche. You will have a higher chance to make sales when you promote something that they are already interested in.

For FB ads, it is like a guessing game. You need to do a lot of research before creating your ads. It takes time to test, retarget, and retest again. You need to be more patient, willing to take some learning curves and some budget to “buy” data before you can actually start to profit.

If you are a newbie, start with solo ads first and learn how to do internet marketing. Once you have the experience, then you can learn how to do FB ads.

Question 4: What is the #1 solo ad buying hack that you can tell us? (Since most of the readers are going to be buyers of solo ads).dennis yew solo ads

Buy from reliable vendors. Check if they have a lot of real testimonials with a proven sales record.

Also, don’t forget to communicate well with your vendor before you want to place an order. Set agreed to expectation like how much is the cost per click (CPC), what is the minimum Tier 1 countries percentage, over-delivery percentage (usually 10%), delivery rate (how many clicks per day) and how long to complete the order.

Question 5: What is the biggest mistake people make while buying solo ads?

I see two common mistakes that people make:

(1) First, they don’t track the clicks that are purchased. Some use free tracking services like tiny URL, google shortener etc. which is a no-no. You are going to screw up yours and your vendors’ autoresponder accounts. Don’t be afraid to invest in paid tracking services like ClickMagick. It shows how well your campaign goes and it is a good reference for your vendors to fine tune their work.

(2) Second, they expect unrealistic results. For example, some people expect to make a lot of sales from their 100 clicks order. Here is the reason why it won’t happen: Assume that you have typical 45% optin rate and the conversion rate of your offer is 3% (which is quite an ambitious number), only 45 visitors have the chance to look at your offer and you may get one or no sale at the first run. However, this is not the end of the story. Don’t forget to set a series of follow up emails with your list as there may have someone interested in your offer and will want to buy later. Also, buy more clicks and build a bigger list so that you will have a higher opportunity.

Question 6: What are the opt-in and conversion rates can be expected from a solo ad run?

Depends on how good is your squeeze page. 30-40% is meeting the industry standard. 40-60% are typical numbers. It is difficult to argue with conversion rate as solo ads vendors usually don’t guarantee sales, even if they have proven sales record.

Question 7: How should the follow-up sequence be? 1 email per day? Value Driven? Pure Push Marketing Emails? or something else?dennis yew solo ads

If you don’t want your autoresponder account get banned without a warning, send 1 to 2 emails per day. Definitely, value driven. I will suggest giving free but quality content in the first few emails. This is to educate your list because educated lists always convert better. They also complain less as they understand how the whole system works. Keep in mind that they are real humans like you and not your money making a machine. They yearn for useful information that can benefit them and they hate to be scammed. As I mentioned previously, they are willing to pay only if they think your offer gives them great values.

Question 8: What are the top 5 products/services that you just can’t run your business without?

(1) Autoresponder
(2) Tracking service (Very important!)
(3) Platforms that manage affiliate products and CPA offers.
(4) WordPress Plugins that build your pages (squeeze page, thank you page, product review page, blog)
(5) Paypal to receive money and make payment

Question 9: What is your #1 tip for anyone using solo ads to promote their business?dennis yew solo ads

Track track track! Always track your clicks so that you and your vendor know how well your campaign goes.

Also, make sure your whole business model is working. Here is some checklist for your reference:

(1) Good squeeze page
(2) Good thank you page
(3) Good “thank you for subscribing” email
(4) A series of follow-up emails with good content. Educate your list before promoting your business is highly recommended.

The list does not stop here. Keep learning and don’t be afraid to try new ideas. If the result is not good, evaluate why and move on with a new method. If the result is good, scale up with more clicks and think how to make it better. The sky is your limit.

Question 10: Where can the readers find you to buy clicks from you?

Thomas Dawson Solo Ads Facebook: Click Here! 
Thomas dawson solo ads Website: Click Here!

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