Solo Ads Vendor: Mark Lee

Solo Ads Vendor Name: Mark Lee
Estimated Time:
4-5 Minutes

Question 1: What kind of offers converts the best with solo ads?

Mark lee Solo adsI find the best offer the ones with a low barrier to entry. That means something like a $1 product or trial.

This way you know they have purchased, and it makes it easier for them to purchase again. This is when you present your upsells, and where the real money comes in.

Question 2: What is better when it comes to getting conversions? Mixed Clicks, Pure Solos, Tier 1 only Solo Ads or something else?

A pure buyer’s list is the absolute best. It’s hard to find though.

Question 3: How are solo ads different from FB Ads? Which is better according to you?

Mark lee solo adsSolo ads go out to email lists. FB ads are run on Facebook and their properties. Solo ads are better when you are new. Running FB ads take time to learn in addition to the cost of running the ads which can easily cost more than solo ads.

Question 4: What is the #1 solo ad buying hack that you can tell us? (Since most of the readers are going to be buyers of solo ads).

I would go with experience and reviews when choosing a provider. Additionally, I would buy from a dozen or so providers rather than stick with one or two.

Question 5: What is the biggest mistake people make while buying solo ads?

Not sticking through it. Many people who buy traffic give up after they don’t see results right away. Review your results and make changes. Keep testing.

Question 6: What are the opt-in and conversion rates can be expected from a solo ad run?

Mark lee Solo adsThis largely depends on your landing page. A powerful headline with a centrally placed opt-in form will get you 30-50% opt-in. You’ll be on the higher end if the opt-in form only asked for an email address.

Question 7: How should the follow-up sequence be? 1 email per day? Value Driven? Pure Push Marketing Emails? or something else?

At first, 1 email a day for the first 7 days maximum. Then 1 email per week. You should provide value first and foremost. Selling comes later.

Question 8: What are the top 5 products/services that you just can’t run your business without?

(1) Tracking service
(2) Marketing channels
(3) Listbuilding method(s)
(4) Virtual assistant(s)
(5) Autoresponder

Question 9: What is your #1 tip for anyone using solo ads to promote their business?

Test, test, and test again with funnel adjustments and various sellers.

Question 10: Where can the readers find you to buy clicks from you?

Thomas Dawson Solo Ads Facebook: Click Here!
Thomas dawson solo ads Website: Click Here!

Mark Lee solo ads

Prashant Sharma

Prashant Sharma is a young Indian Entrepreneur, Marketer, Coach, and Writer. He's the founder of #1 Email Traffic Directory: SoloAdsX. Apart from managing a successful 7 figure business online, he loves reading books and traveling. SoloAdsExperts is his attempt to educate newbies about the ins and outs of the solo ads industry & not only save their hard earned money but to profit using email traffic.

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