Solo Ads Vendor: Martin Bunn

Solo Ads Vendor Name: Martin Bunn
Estimated Time:
 4-5 Minutes

Question 1: What kind of offers converts the best with solo ads?martin bunn solo ads

The best use for solo ads is for internet marketing offers and ”work from home” offers. My list is ”pre-qualified” to give great results in these niches. Great affiliate programs that work good with my traffic is the following: MOBE, JVZoo, Power Lead System, 4 per cent group.

Question 2: What is better when it comes to getting conversions? Mixed Clicks, Pure Solos, Tier 1 only Solo Ads or something else?

Pure solos are best to get sales from my experience. For sales pages, I pre-qualify the traffic to get more responsive traffic to offers. By that, I mean that I send them to pages that get them started and interested before they see any customer offers.

Sometimes mixed clicks can be as good as pure solos. That depends on the offer and is hard to guess. Why not do a split test for your offer to see what’s best for you?

Question 3: How are solo ads different from FB Ads? Which is better according to you?

My solo ads use email marketing. My list is built from buying solo ads from other vendors, buying PPC campaigns and other media traffic buys that I found really responsive. Solo ads are better if you know how to pre-qualify them before sending them to offers. All my subs in the list are really engaged and love MMO and BizOp offers! You will get better engagement than with FB ads. That’s my opinion.

Question 4: What is the #1 solo ad buying hack that you can tell us? (Since most of the readers are going to be buyers of solo ads).

Hmm…Do your research and buy from sellers with a good reputation. They know this market. Remember also to check out testimonials from the vendors your buying from. Check that they got many testimonials and not only one.martin bunn solo ads is also a very good way to get traffic that’s legit!

Remember to keep your squeeze page very simple. Too much info and you will lose them in seconds.

Question 5: What is the biggest mistake people make while buying solo ads?

Sometimes they don’t know who to track properly or they don’t have any tracking at all. Make sure you know how to track properly.

Make sure to get quality traffic like mine. Otherwise, you will end up with bad results and you won’t know if the traffic or the offer was the problem.

Also, remember to negotiate the price before buying.

Question 6: What are the opt-in and conversion rates can be expected from a solo ad run?martin bunn solo ads

If the offer is good you can count on 40-65% opt-in.

Question 7: How should the follow-up sequence be? 1 email per day? Value Driven? Pure Push Marketing Emails? or something else?

I would definitely not send more than 1-2 emails a day. Otherwise, they may leave your list because they get tired of seeing your emails. Give people value in the follow-up series. Will always be the best, in the end, to give them value. That will bring trust!

Question 8: What are the top 5 products/services that you just can’t run your business without?

(1) Clickmagick
(2) Google Docs
(3) Email services
(4) Instabuilder
(5) Clickfunnels

Question 9: What is your #1 tip for anyone using solo ads to promote their business?

Give your customers value in most emails so they like what you’re doing. They need to feel that they get something out of it, otherwise, they will soon be gone…Once again we are talking about TRUST!

You also need to have a good funnel that converts. Make maybe 3-4 different funnels and split test which one is working best for you.

Last but not least, try to buy in bulk from solid vendors. This is a great way to put pressure on price.

Question 10: Where can the readers find you to buy clicks from you?

Thomas Dawson Solo Ads Facebook: Click Here! 
Thomas dawson solo ads Website: Click Here!

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