Solo Ads Vendor: Steven Cheah

Solo Ads Vendor Name: Steven Cheah
Estimated Time:
4-5 Minutes

Question 1: What kind of offers converts the best with solo ads?steven cheah solo ads

For my list subscriber, the product offers such as MMO (make money online), IM (internet marketing), affiliate marketing, MLM (multi-level marketing) and business opportunity niches convert the best with solo ads.

Question 2: What is better when it comes to getting conversions? Mixed Clicks, Pure Solos, Tier 1 only Solo Ads or something else?

Mixed Clicks with Tier 1 countries can generate more leads and sales, but pure SOLO more reliable due to real human clicks compare to Funnel clicks cause subscriber can just simply type in any fake email during opt-in.

Question 3: How are solo ads different from FB Ads? Which is better according to you?steven cheah solo ads

FB ads are quite expensive and the audience depends on location and age and gender, some more many restrictions on the website and a lot of term and conditions.

SOLO ads and is real human clicks that get the conversion and already filter out the subscriber niche, it more reliable and worth for end user to invest for advertising in their business. For sure SOLO ads better than Facebook ads.

Question 4: What is the #1 solo ad buying hack that you can tell us? (Since most of the readers are going to be buyers of solo ads).steven cheah solo ads

Please beware about cheaper price and the seller without testimonial because it may get scam. Don’t trust that seller who guaranteed a high percentage of opt-in cause it may be bot clicks.

Question 5: What is the biggest mistake people make while buying solo ads?

They expected will get the sales just from 100-200 clicks, but in real life, it depends on what niche and what product that you are selling. Many of the end user just direct promote their sales page and without traffic tracking system.

Question 6: What are the opt-in and conversion rates can be expected from a solo ad run?

It depends on the swipe and Squeeze Page that promote, many aspects to consider. Normally average is between 35% to 45 %.

Question 7: How should the follow-up sequence be? 1 email per day? Value Driven? Pure Push Marketing Emails? or something else?steven cheah solo ads

1 follow up email per day for 7 days with a mixture of value and marketing content then just send to a subscriber who opens and read our email.

Question 8: What are the top 5 products/services that you just can’t run your business without?

(1) Autoresponder
(2) ClickMagick
(3) VPS Server
(4) Squeeze page 
(5) PayPal

Question 9: What is your #1 tip for anyone using solo ads to promote their business?

Check out your Solo Ads seller and look for their testimonials. Test their traffic before going to bulk order.

Question 10: Where can the readers find you to buy clicks from you?

Thomas Dawson Solo Ads Facebook: Click Here! 
Thomas dawson solo ads Website: Click Here!

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Prashant Sharma

Prashant Sharma is a young Indian Entrepreneur, Marketer, Coach, and Writer. He's the founder of #1 Email Traffic Directory: SoloAdsX. Apart from managing a successful 7 figure business online, he loves reading books and traveling. SoloAdsExperts is his attempt to educate newbies about the ins and outs of the solo ads industry & not only save their hard earned money but to profit using email traffic.

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